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Professional Theatre Program For Emerging Artists.

Professional Theatre Program For Emerging Artists.

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Through the Professional Theatre Program for Emerging Artists (or PTP), SLAC provides opportunities for students and early-career theatre artists to gain meaningful, fully paid experience by integrating them into the production cycle. This production’s PTP candidates are Sera Shearer, MFA candidate at Utah State University, and Marley Keith, student at Weber State University.

marley keith

Marley Keith

sera shearer

Sera Shearer

“By participating in the Professional Theatre Program for Emerging Artists, I will have the opportunity to make connections outside of my academic institution, including with artists from outside the area. I will also gain experience by assisting my mentor in communicating the design needs with the rest of the production team through drafting, model making, production meeting participation, and more. These experiences are invaluable and will be a key part in the last semester of my education. Because I am creating drafting materials and a scale model, I will have new examples of my work to include in a portfolio. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several opportunities have been canceled or postponed, meaning my portfolio is not as robust as I would hope. Working on this production will help put me back on track in terms of where I would like to be.”

Sera Shearer, Assistant Set Design

Our thanks to the following funders for their generous support of this program:
Terence Kearns Stephens Charitable Trust
The John and Marcia Price Family Foundation
B.W. Bastian Foundation

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