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Professional Theatre Program For Emerging Artists.

Professional Theatre Program For Emerging Artists.

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Through the Professional Theatre Program for Emerging Artists (or PTP), SLAC provides opportunities for students and early-career theatre artists to gain meaningful, fully paid experience by integrating them into the production cycle. This production’s PTP candidates are Eva Merrill and Talia Heiss, both students at the University of Utah.

Emerging artists Eva Merrila and Talia Heiss

Photo credit: David Daniels

“Working at SLAC was such a collaborative and fun experience, I learned so much about working with other actors and coming up with solutions and ideas on the fly. … It is really rare to have this type of professional experience while in an undergraduate program. Getting to work at SLAC has been a huge opportunity to get to work in a professional theater and experience what it is like to do a show outside of an educational setting. … My biggest takeaway from working at SLAC would be that working hard and supporting your cast and crew leads to such a rewarding process and experience. The whole team behind Elephant and Piggie was so supportive and my fellow cast members were always so encouraging and collaborative. I am so grateful for this experience and all that I have learned from it!”

- Eva Merrill (Squirelle, Delivery Dog)

Our thanks to the following funders for their generous support of this program:
Terence Kearns Stephens Charitable Trust
The John and Marcia Price Family Foundation
B.W. Bastian Foundation